about 70 species of Commelinaceae displayed








          Welcome to " The garden of Commelinaceae";

       Commelinaceae are mainly as tropical /subtropical herbs. Their leaves generally alternate with 

   sheathing bases. They have three sepals and three delicate petals; sepals mostly equal; petals equal 

   or unequal. The flowers are blue, purple, white, pink or sometimes yellow and  last only one day.  

   They have 3-6 stamens, similar or dissimilar, all fertile or some reduced to staminodes, filaments glabrous

   or bearded and  the ovary superior. Some don't bear seeds, but they easily root from their joints and spread 

   everywhere. There are more than 600 species in the world.  I'm displaying about 15 genera, 70 species (see

   List) of the wonderful flowers of Commelinaceae I mostly breed.


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